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Our mission


We empower women in teaching to build resilience and raise the aspirations of girls in their schools.

We train teachers to lead bespoke programmes targeted at teenage girls.

Why join Be Her Lead?


Research shows that women are more likely to achieve when they are inspired and supported by other women.

We know that ambitious women in teaching have the power to be uniquely valuable role models and mentors.

Be Her Lead enables teachers to change the lives of disadvantaged girls in their school.


How it works



We believe that as teachers, your in-depth understanding of students and school context puts you in the best position to change students’ lives, so we train you to deliver our programme to your students.

We mobilise your skills and knowledge to help you tailor a series of workshops for selected students. We enable you to take ownership of our programme while still receiving as much help and guidance as you need. 


bespoke workshops

After our training, you will be ready to run a Be Her Lead programme adapted to your school context. This 7 week series of workshops builds teenage girls’ self-worth, confidence and resilience in order to help them make concrete steps towards their career goals. 

After the end of the workshops, we support you in measuring the programme’s impact, and making that impact sustainable in the long term. 

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our network

Alongside our programme and training, we aim to build a network of women passionate about supporting young women. We run exciting events such as our conference to foster ambition and collaboration.

Role models from different sectors meet with participating students and teachers, allowing networks of support to grow across schools, sectors and generations. 

Work outside teaching? Find out how to support us.




We're looking for women in teaching who are...



You're an inspiring change-maker, with an ambitious vision for your students and school, as well as for your own career. You crave opportunities to develop as a leader and foster sustainable impact.



Be Her Leaders are value-driven and insightful. You are motivated by an in-depth understanding of gender inequalities in your own school context, as well as more broadly.



Your students and team can depend on you to lead effectively. You are willing to dedicate the necessary time, work, and energy to achieve your vision.

Our pilot programme trained 27 teachers from 11 schools serving disadvantaged communities. They delivered a 6 week series of workshops for a total of 130 girls.

90% of pilot participants are continuing to run the programme, using it as a springboard for wider change.

We are expanding! In spring & summer 2020 we will train female teachers in 30 schools to run workshops for 450 students.


Feedback from our pilot programme

Be Her Lead’s pilot programme ran in 11 schools across 7 London boroughs.

27 female teachers completed our 2 interactive, jam-packed training days.

In total, 130 students completed 6 weeks of workshops on topics ranging from body image, to social media, to STEM ambitions. Each school also received visits from inspiring female role models from our network.


9 out of 10

students would recommend the programme to their peers


satisfaction rate from our teacher training

10 out of 11

of schools on our pilot are continuing to run the programme

It is the best thing that the school has ever organised to help different girls in different ways and to also to show the power that they have to overcome their inner fears.
— Student pilot participant, Villiers High School
It’s something that I look forward to every week
— Student pilot participant, Uxbridge High School
The best thing I’ve done in my two years as a teacher
— Niabh Rowland-Simms, Oak Wood School
The programme has supported and developed so many of my thoughts and feelings and ideas regarding gender equality in schools.
— Isabel Lawson, teacher at Twyford Church of England High School