We are a group of teachers who met working at a school in a disadvantaged area of West London.

We were deeply concerned by the low aspirations and lack of resilience we observed in our female pupils. We were also frustrated that gender inequality was not being tackled effectively enough at an early stage.

We decided to have a go at addressing the issues ourselves, and ran a programme of weekly workshops for a group of teenage girls over the course of one academic year. The participants ended up being featured in a poetry anthology, meeting a huge variety of inspiring women, and speaking at the Houses of Parliament twice!

The feedback from students and their parents told us that we'd inspired and motivated the girls to an extent we never would have managed in our normal classroom teacher roles.

And because we really knew our students, we were able to connect with them in a way that no external organisation could.

We were also able to tailor our workshops around their interests and needs, and collectively work to change the school culture to be more aware of gender inequality.

Women in teaching have the potential to be pivotal mentors for their female students, but we know from experience how hectic the life of a teacher can get.

By giving you structure, training and support, Be Her Lead enables teachers to create a brighter future for women.